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The Art of Karma Consciousness is 60,000 years old super-advanced technique which was kept secret. Practitioner goes in deep Transcendence (Samadhi) in 9 days of practice which would normally take many lifetimes.

We heal our body at Genetic Level and do forgiveness in Transcendence releasing all negative Karmas of our Soul, Genes and through our Genes of all of our Ancestors [Pitru Dosh] of all their Negative Karmas done thus liberating them, having their blessings and also liberating our children from our and ancestor’s negative karmas

When there is no negative karma left we teach how to create new Kriyamana Karmas of health, wealth, Love and Joy. You have to find your true teacher who has achieved the same. Art of Karma Consciousness is for householders who want to have all above Joy together.

Learning from teachers advocating celibacy or from celibate teachers about relationship, how to manage family, children and Wealth is like learning Business Management from a beggar. A true teacher who himself has a great family, wealth and health, a teacher who walks the talk. Karma Yoga includes all actions one takes in daily life abiding by the Law of Karma. All techniques without Karma Yoga fail. Karma Yoga is following 11 principles as we teach including avoid acts involving greed and sexual misconduct.

Science shows humans are made up of proteins and when a protein cell is attached to a chemical hormone it brings life. Proteins are muscles, they make bones cells everything in our body and this in itself has consciousness .This proteins attracts chemical messengers called hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphin which makes us feel happy and some like cortisol makes us feel sad. These research points are nothing but Karma and its influence.

About 50% of the money difficulty is due to Pitru Dosha. It’s the Karmic call of our ancestors who are suffering. They can get in our homes and body to fulfill their desires. Our Environment determines our Karma and this has been scientifically proven by cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton.

We humans are animals with many hormones some like insulin ,serotonin ,adrenaline, stress hormone Cortisol and Sex hormone testosterone and Estrogen and it is absolutely normal to produce these hormones, however, we need a technique to master these hormones. The same holds true for saints. They have to master the cortisol hormone which brings anger and stress and also sex hormones and since they do not know the techniques to master them, they end up having scandals and we need to have sympathy towards them. Even Saints have diabetes due to lack of Insulin hormone made by pancreas.

A human who has made any mistake for his anger, greed, jealousy, sexual misconduct and comes on the path of Karma Yoga can be forgiven if they learn the technique and since they would master their hormones they would not repeat the mistake.Karma Yoga is so huge and powerful that all the knowledge, books, religions and universe combined does not make one Karma Yoga. Lord Krishna said that Karma is so immense that it is unfathomable for humans as well as Masters to comprehend. Even he had to undergo Karma & was killed by the arrow of a Bhil on the toe since he was an incarnation of Lord Ram who had killed invincible Bali from the back and even Bali had to have a sad death since he had done negative Karma of taking Sugreva’s wife and Kingdom.

The negative Karma of Kauravas led to the war and Abhimanyu’s untimely death which even Lord Krishna could not stop the war nor Abhimanyu’s fate.Lord Rama had to go to exile because his father King Dasratha did not follow Karma Yoga when he killed Shravan Kumar thinking it was an animal drinking water. Had King Dasratha married only once, he would not have died by sorrow of separation from his son. Would a mother send his son and daughter-in-law to exile? Just Think.

So, this is all Karma and we also have to bear the fruit of the seeds we sowed and if we have made mistakes in the past, for example, sexual misconduct out of innocence, ignorance or deceitfulness then we can seek forgiveness through this technique.Therefore, we have a choice to remove all karmas embedded in our akshaic record in Samadhi state, so that we do not have to reincarnate to bear the fruit. So, if you have been molested then you will come back as a molester and vice-versa and this is an endless cycle.

Born in a Kashmiri Shaivic Brahmin family, I used to see many mindful Kashmiri saints with great abilities visit my home .They all had three things in common, one was their true knowledge of Karma yoga and will to help and support their students, another their strong attitude towards morality, strictness towards righteousness and the third was they would get angry with their students if they did not follow the path .They would heal people who came to seek help but taught the technique to very few Mindful students.

I wanted to find a teacher with God realisation who was a picture perfect like photos of Buddha in complete transcendence. But let me tell you even Buddha used to get angry sometimes in his quest to explain dharma(duty) and righteousness to his students .This was for those Lucky who had surrendered for enlightenment knowledge on the path for fast progress.

I travelled across the globe to find a Teacher with that Quality and found great teachers, friends who had knowledge welcoming and charming but none with what I was looking for.

I found people getting mesmerized in the sweetness of their sugar coated talks and hugs turning a blind eye to some of the unmindful behavior of such teacher like it never happened. They talked about humanity but did not acknowledge morality rather avoided getting into the subject.

They talked about being good, but did not teach fundamentals of how to achieve it. Spoke about good and bad karma but did not teach the real technique to achieve it. Some teachers say that humanity is supreme and morality is useless, however, in order to come out of the negative attributes due to denseness /gravity of the Earth and the illusion of the physical world, morality and virtues are important. Morality brings sanity to humanity.

This is the anomaly of spirituality filled with self-proclaimed teachers who want to be worshipped as Gods. The mistake which most of them committed is that they philosophised and sermonised more without following them themselves and made money by fooling gullible people and then misappropriated funds in the name of a ‘trust’. Over and above that they patented techniques of meditation in their own names which were taken from techniques of 60,000 year old Shaivism and Trika. Each and every way of meditation on this Earth has been taken from these ancient techniques and these teachers gave their own name.

After meditating for years, I had the self realisation that the Sage has to be found within our own selves and only when you find the sage within you will find that every one outside is too a Sage but everyone has chosen their path of Self discovery at their own Pace. Few want it now and many want to continue in the Delusion and Illusion for some more time.

I found that everything in this universe is an illusion and the reality is what we create here. You have the choice to create poverty with love and hatred and you have the choice to create Abundance with peace with Joy. What you create is your choice of Karma and if you follow Karma Yoga you go beyond even Law of Karma even beyond Pramananda. Even Parmananda becomes an illusion.

Our organization has a vision of spreading the highest knowledge through Art of Karma Consciousness Healing to one billion people in the world by 2025 with a Mission to spread Knowledge Joy and Abundance and optimum Health. If you believe you are the pioneers in the movement, you seriously want to know who you are and break the old shackles of false knowledge then you can contact our representatives on the numbers mentioned below.

Our Vision:1 Billion Karma Healers by 2025.

Our Vision:Transforming Humanity through the Ancient Karma Science of Art of Karma Consciousness Healing.