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’Most of us are suffering from Pitru Dosha that is, ancestral defects from many generations and are taking birth again and again and again and again only to be defeated again and again as the meditation Practice we learn and do are fantastic but not deep enough, yes they may be very good and deep but I repeat not deep enough to penetrate the SAMSKARA that is, Karmic baggage we have created with your various incarnations and they are piling. In this seminar we will go to your many life times and make you ready to visualize and feel them and help you release and resolve them which will allow you to move forward. Please remember without these you are just wasting time, money and fooling yourself and others. Look into your soul and introspect for a moment you find the truth. What you have done till now is good and you are ready to take a step towards the ultimate truth where your DNA will be stable and you will move towards enlightenment of your soul. We are never in preparation mode. We are always prepared in the present. If we are prepared in the present then there is a possible to change in this lifetime. Let us all be inspired by the highest truth of who we are and once we know who we are, it is very easy to know our divine purpose on Earth.

Knowledge of Karma Science is a movement of human liberty from the bondage of Earth karma where normally there is more of suffering. Knowledge of the Art of Karma Consciousness Brings tremendous joy on the mother Earth to the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT in the present which acts as an evidence that our karmas are settled and so is our past, present and future. You not only settle your karmas with your ancestors, you also have a meaningful, fruitful and joyous relationship in the present with your family, friends, country and environment.

We have great techniques all over the world which are wonderful, but would give ULTIMATE RESULTS if applied along with KARMA YOGA.

Our Vision:1 Billion Karma Healers by 2025.

Our Vision:Transforming Humanity through the Ancient Karma Science of Art of Karma Consciousness Healing.