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Master Sumant Kant Kaul


Learn How to have lot of Money, Great Health, Wonderful Soul Mate with Grand Master Sumant...

Grand Master Sumant Kaul, Mht, Plrt, Lblrt is the Co Founder of the Karma Breakthrough & Love & Wealth Breakthrough Technique , Healing Neuro Linguistic Patterning (H.N.L.P)

He  is also a Master ThetaHealer & Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing and  is the Ambassador &  Administrator and Official Representative of ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, USA (THinK)  for all of India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) including Dubai   He is also the webmaster and Publisher of  ThetaHealing (THInk) books in India and the UAE.

Sumant Kaul is Mechanical Engineer and also President of  International Healing Foundation,  former All-India Judo Champion, who currently runs eight different successful  Companies .

He is a successful businessman, as well as an Intuitive, Clairvoyant, and Psychic, Palmist and Face reader of International Fame and believes that you can be wealthy and still be close to God.

His credentials include being an Instructor and Teacher of ThetaHealing DNA2 Basic, Advanced, Manifestation & Abundance, Soul Mate, Rhythm to Weight Liberation, Intuitive Anatomy , Disease and Disorder, World Relations, DNA3, Instructor,Rainbow Children  from ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, USA. 

He is Master Hypnotist and a  Professional Member of the International Association of Regression Research & Therapy, a Past-Life  and Life between Life Repressionist  from the world-famous Michael Newton Institute of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (NY, USA), and a member of the American Hypnosis Association.

He travels around the world to teach Karma Breakthrough for optimum life, Love & Wealth breakthrough techniques for love and wealth generation and also ThetaHealing, Hypnosis, Past life regression, Law of Attraction , and has taught the same to thousands of students around the World and now his students have become successful ThetaHealing and Law of Attraction Teachers and  teach in the USA, UAE, London, India, Japan,Manila Australia, New Zealand, Holland, America, UAE, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, and other parts  in Philippines and other parts of the world . 

He also continually teaches along with  Respected Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing in teachers training courses in many parts of the world assisting her in giving wonderful courses 

Sumant Kaul has researched extensively on the Law of Cause & Effect and how this coding in the cells of the physical body affects life patterns and the journey of the individual’s soul.

He is also trained in the 15th step, a technique of meeting guardian angels, spirit guides and masters. In his spiritual and learning quest, he has travelled widely around the world to nations such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, America, UAE, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Indonesia, United Kingdom and many other parts of the world.


Sumant is known as a Master Manifestor pivotal in stirring the Mobile Telecommunications boom in India in the 1990s. He opened the World’s Exclusive Cellular Phone stores which created a platform for concentrated sales generating a 1000+ percentage increase in mobile phone connections within India in a span of 16 months. 

He is the man who PREDICTED the fate of the TELECOM REVOLUTION IN INDIA, and played a dominant role in steering the entire telecom industry.

He is known to bring out the full potential in people, and his students often describe his ability in transforming peoples’ lives as akin to changing a rock into a diamond. He is a Master Manifestor that shares his expertise with all, helping people Manifest their dreams.

In fact, as President of the International Healing Foundation, Sumant established daily Free Healing Camps in New Delhi in India and Dubai in UAE , in cooperation with Medical Doctors that are his ThetaHealing students, and are now certified Teachers.

Sumant is a modern age teacher who utilizes the power of pure and positive thought-intent and will teach you how to instill a greater sense of wellbeing by being Close to God, while also having the choice to be rich, famous abundant and having the most compatible loving soul mate through the Power of Thought generated by the Creator of All that Is – a rare combination in Today’s world.