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Art of Karma Consciousness Healing

Karma Consciousness healing or K3Yog is a profound technique that can give you instant wisdom and knowledge, leading you to success, peace and love. The practitioners of this technique are called K3 Yogis. 

Master Sumant Kaul and Master Sumeet Kaul researched and established certain ways in which one can master his body and lead a contented life.?? Let’s ask them how the K3 Yog Technique can help everyone… 

Why do people have abundance and money issues in life?  

Many of us wrongly believe that our Fate is already etched on a stone. However, we believe that the future can be transformed as per our wish. The amount of wealth that you have is directly proportional to how much value you have provided to the world and how much you care about those around you. Your unconscious mind may be blocking you from making money and you may not even know about it.  

Why do people have relationship problems? Why are they unable to find love? 

Normally, people who end up with a broken heart due to a failed relationship don’t find love easily. They tend to repeat the same mistakes and end up choosing wrong partners. This happens because of their past Karmas of suffering and sacrificing in life. Such a person needs to work upon his or her negative beliefs. 

Why do people have health problems?  

Most health problems are caused by emotional pain. Accidents happen to those who are rebellious, angry and frustrated. Critical and judgmental people can develop stomach problems and joint aches. People suffering from guilt can develop spine problems. People with cancer have hidden feelings of hate, while people with heart problems have known betrayal.  

Is there a solution to these problems?  

To live a successful and satisfactory life, a person needs to understand the theory of Karma and balance his Chakras through Kundalini exercises and Kriya Yogic techniques. ?The History of Karma Consciousness Healing Karma Consciousness Healing or K3 Yog is an ancient practice known only to a few people.  

This special technique is to be applied in a very deep meditative state to witness instant changes in your health, wealth and love life.?  

Who is a Karma Consciousness Healer or K3 Yogi? ?  

A Karma Consciousness Healer or a K3 Yogi is the one who has mastered the Laws of the Universe like the Law of Karma, the Law of Truth, the Law of Wisdom, the Law of Pure Intent, the Law of Compassion and the Law of Attraction. A K3 practitioner is well versed in - Karma, Kundalini activation and Kriya Yog techniques.