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Sumant Kant Kaul

Born in a Kashmiri Brahmin family, I was the youngest. At the age of 3, I had this ability to foresee things which a normal child could not see and had the knowledge of Karma even then which I believe I was getting from my previous lives. Blessed with psychic abilities at the young age of 7 or 8, I could see energies however, skepticism of my siblings made me block it. As a child, I started praying when I saw my mother falling sick repeatedly. I used to pray day and night for my mother’s long life.

My father walked from his very successful ancestral business of exports of handicrafts including rare artifacts, carpets etc without a penny and restarted his life. I saw them working hard to feed their five children and provide them with the best they could. Many mindful saints used to visit our home regularly and my mother used to serve regularly 15-20 guests with the virtue of love, honor and grace.

When in India, the president’s salary was INR 5,000 (USD 80) and an ordinary person used to earn INR 500, I used to roam around asking my friends that how many million dollars their father earned. I do not know from where these millions I used to talk about even when talking about thousands was a big luxury in India during those times, which later on I came to know that I was bringing some of the knowledge from my past existences and it is history that I helped people become billionaires and millionaires in India and earned respect in the business circle and in my organization.

My parents did their best to inculcate virtues of abundance in all the children. They taught us to pray and ask for guidance and wisdom .My mother used to wake me up at 5 am in winters teaching some techniques and making me pray and recite some mantras which I did not understand at that point in time but the masters and my mother explained me the meaning of those mantras and techniques which later on, I understood. She taught me that wealth would be a by-product of your good values and service you do to elders, parents and teachers.

Our house was flooded always with mindful mentors and guides. My parents taught me good values and how to live a decent life. When I grew up and entered the world, I observed that people broke their word of honor in business and in friendship. This made me extra protective and careful. Even for righteous things, I had to use force. In my teens, at a crossing near my house, I saw bunch of tall and well-built boys eve-teasing girls. Elderly people witnessing the scene turned blind eye to the entire episode which made me so furious. Mustering the courage with my skinny legs, I jumped and went up to the boys and said,’’ You do not know who I am, I am Delhi State Judo Champion’’ which made the boys run away. As a young skinny boy of 15, I could scare young strong men with my claim without knowing Judo. I believe, it was some energy which made me manifest this as mystically three years later, I became All- India Judo Champion.

Later on, I realized through the practices of various mind coaching techniques that I was carrying an unconscious belief of battling evil and inviting challenges. These unnecessary mental and physical challenges used to create physical stress on my back leading to disc problems. During my life journey, I found people coming and stopping me from success and putting me down with their condescending behavior. I remember my school teacher told me that I am no good yet I became a Mechanical engineer and worked for the biggest Global High speed Diesel Engine Manufacturer Cummins. My boss made me feel that I am no good and proved myself to be one of the best Engineers in India and brought the concept of PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE where I could predict a failure of a High speed diesel engine in 1984 onward. If we have some more time I might tell you couple of stories of how I saved a Diesel Generator set in ‘Kwality Ice cream factory’, and how I predicted the failure of Komatsu D-155 Dozer fitted with Cummins KT-150 engine.

In the meantime, I also started my business and over a small period of time I became a successful businessman. I remember once how when confronted by one senior government officer that my tender quote was wrong because the manufacturer of that product had lost the tender to me and had written to the government officer so that the order could be denied to me and he could get the business order.

My rival company wrote to the government of India officer that they could do the repair of the engine in lesser price than I had quoted in the tender and I wrote to the officer that not only my quote was correct but it was less and as an authority on the subject in India I challenged him that if he opens the engine he will find holes in the cylinder liner which holds the piston of the engine and he will have to pay extra for that and in case the holes are not there then I would repair his engine free of cost.

The customer accepted the challenge and opened it and became my fan when he found what I had predicted was TRUE. I got the order and also a higher price. I also started my mobile phone business and helped a $200,000 company AIRTEL in 1995 to become a group of USD 80,000 Bn(market cap).Below is one of the thousand ads he gave in the leading newspaper.


I remember I was physically weak and with my courage to help women in India as in 1970s, there was a lot of eve teasing in India and subsequently, I became a 3 times ALL INDIA JUDO CHAMPION and then Prof Jigaro Kano International Judo Champion. I wanted to teach this art to everybody in India so that everyone could become mindful but I found the administrators of the sport corrupt and left it to become General Secretary of a Frontal Organization of a political party in India at a powerful position in my desire to help people as I felt now I could help people in a large way.

When I found that I could not since the politicians were corrupt morally and ethically I chose to leave politics and moved to spiritual trainings where I found that the so called spiritual people are not what they pretend to show to the people .I found that most of the so called spiritual people all over the world including INDIA the land which people all over the world say is the spiritual capital of the world are MORE CORRUPT than even the politicians and the Dacoits as they cheat people in the name of GOD.

Only with continuous mindful practice of following the karma consciousness, changing beliefs and practicing relaxation did these issues resolve. I understood the dynamics of karma, why do people betray and most importantly how to resolve un-forgiveness with self-realization that we attract these people with our own unconscious transmitters and they receive these messages with their own unconscious receptors.

I found that they are not people of GOD but are ACTORS who are performing an act of being a spiritual person and cheating in the name of GOD. Being a born psychic I could see their truth and found that what they were doing was good but they themselves did not follow what they were teaching and I starting research and found that almost all the techniques of the world came from the 112 techniques of SHIVA and even Buddha used one of Shiva’s technique and became enlightened.

I wanted to find a teacher with God realization who was a picture perfect like photos of Buddha in complete transcendence. But let me tell you even Buddha used to get angry sometimes in his quest to explain dharma (duty) and righteousness to his students. This was for the lucky ones who had surrendered for enlightenment knowledge on the path for fast progress.

I travelled across the globe to find a teacher with that quality and found great teachers, friends who had knowledge welcoming and charming however, none with what I was looking for.

I found people getting mesmerized in the sweetness of their sugar coated talks and hugs turning a blind eye to some of the unmindful behavior of such teacher like it never happened. They talked about humanity but did not acknowledge morality rather avoided getting into the subject.

They talked about being good, but did not teach fundamentals of how to achieve it. Spoke about good and bad karma but did not teach the real technique to achieve it. Some teachers say that humanity is supreme and morality is useless, however, in order to come out of the negative attributes due to gravity of the Earth and the illusion of the physical world, morality and virtues are important. Morality brings sanity to humanity.

This is the anomaly of spirituality filled with self-proclaimed teachers who want to be worshipped as Gods. The mistake which most of them committed is that they philosophised and sermonised more without following them themselves and made money by fooling gullible people and then misappropriated funds in the name of a ‘trust’. Over and above that they patented techniques of meditation in their own names which were taken from techniques of 60,000 year old Shaivism and Trika. Each and every way of meditation on this Earth has been taken from these ancient techniques and these teachers gave their own name.

After meditating for years, I had the self-realisation that the sage has to be found within our own selves and only when you find the sage within you will find that everyone outside is too a sage but everyone has chosen their path of self-discovery at their own pace. Few want it now and many want to continue in the delusion and Illusion for some more time.

Learning from teachers advocating celibacy or from celibate teachers about relationship/family, how to manage family, children and abundance is like learning Business Management and wealth techniques from a beggar.

Where ever and whichever technique where the concept of chakras is there then that technique has been taken from the SHIVA’s 112 techniques but to know this technique one has to be properly initiated and all the techniques to be successful have to be done through KARMA YOGA. I found that these people have spoiled the energy of spirituality and practicing spirituality only brings their energy of deceit.

It is better to be MINDFUL than be spiritual. Buddha was MINDFUL. JESUS was mindful.


Master Sumant Kant Kaul, Chairman has toured as many as 30 countries in the world and inspired and helped thousands to transform their lives. He has used his mindful techniques to have good family life, built a large business in engineering and telecom and attained immense heights in all fields by basing his life on continuous practice of Kashmiri Shaivism and Trika and ancient techniques of Karma Kriya Yoga. He has transformed the lives of millions around the globe by mentoring and empowering them towards the ultimate truth.

Teaching of Art of Karma Consciousness helped him and many of his students some of whom are business tycoons in India and particularly Middle East to create a life and family of love and joy and achieve success in business and creating phenomenal wealth. The technique formed by him with Law of Karma, ‘Karma Kundalini Kriya Yoga’ leads one to the supreme knowledge of Law of Karma and pure consciousness-‘FINDING WHO YOU ARE’ through virtues and Samadhi meditations, which is the highest Purpose of a human on Earth. He has made these techniques easy to understand and follow. He has applied them in his own business and family, thereby creating a perfectly balanced and harmonious life. He is an international Mentor who believes that a philosophy backed by a technique can bring marvellous results.

Master Sumant Kant Kaul has impacted lives of millions of people directly and indirectly in more than 30 countries with his wonderful techniques Art of Karma Consciousness Healing, ART OF SUCCESS: Karma Kundalini Kriya Technique, Destiny of Wealth and Business Karma, Kundalini Consciousness Activation Healing, Love, Wealth and Health Instant Breakthrough, Create Wealth, Abundance and Soul mate through Law of Magnetism, Scientific Palmistry, The ATTRACTION VORTEX: How to Enhance your Manifesting Abilities, Equities 101: Investment and Wealth Development-Become a Millionaire in USD in 5 years and more. His quest for helping and supporting people was inborn and he learnt this from his reverend mother Shrimati Kanta Kaul who was an epitome of Kindness and always supporting people in the family and helping those who needed her assistance.

He is the Chairman of 8 successful companies. He is the Chairman of the Jury of the ‘Peace International Award’ to honor the International luminaries who cultivate a change in the lives of people on this earth using their time and influence for peace initiative.

Highly respected as the nation’s foremost authority on the psychology of Hitech Peak Performance and personal, professional, and organizational turnaround, Master Sumant and Master Sumeet Kaul have advised and counselled ‘’Fortune 200 CEOs’’, world-renowned medical doctors, legends in entertainment, and championship sports teams.

Successful actors, performers, politicians, and business leaders call on Master Sumant and Sumeet Kaul to be their strategic advisor when they face critical decisions requiring creative options and a systematic evaluation of probabilities and consequences.


Master Sumant Kaul was the businessman largely responsible for revolutionising the Telecom industry in India,which is now the second largest in the world.He created the marketing schemes for Airtel and BPL Mobile (now Vodafone) - the two most successful telecom companies in India in early nineties at the nascent stage.In 1998, he predicted the future of the India Telecom through advertising in the newspapers FREE INCOMING calls outgoing calls for only INR 1 when the rate was at INR 16.

This revolution elevated India to an economic giant and invited multinationals to come in the country, creating millions of jobs. The license given by former PM Narasimha Rao government for telecom was 50,000 subscribers in 10 years. However, Master Kaul predicted the future of Telecom and knew well in advance that even rickshaw pullers will be using mobile phones.

In a board meeting when Airtel was launching mobile telephony in 1995 -96, he made a business prophecy before Mr. Sunil Mittal, Mr. Rajan Mittal, Mr. Rakesh Mittal and other Board Members, Mr. Sharad Mishra ,Mr. Hemant Sachdev that the telecom and mobile telephony is going to be the next economic and Mr. Mittal will do more than 1 million subscribers and he alone will do about 200,000 in the next 4 years that is, by 2000.

Through his innovative MARKETING SCHEMES, his company financed AIRTEL in Delhi and BPL in Maharashtra & Delhi when Airtel's worth was around INR 20 million and Master Kaul was already a multi-millionaire. Today Airtel's Group market capitalization is around USD 80,000 Billion from USD 200,000 IN 1990. He taught AIRTEL AND BPL NOW VODAFONE by opening world’s first exclusive cellular phone stores in Maharashtra and Delhi which created a platform for concentrated sales of mobile phones and payment systems generating a 1000+ percentage increase in mobile phone connections within India in a span of 16 months covering previously untapped markets of Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi etc.


Master Sumant Kaul is a successful businessman owning 8 companies and serves as Chairman of two privately held industries as diverse as Electrical and Mechanical engineering, Telecom and Entertainment and Films, education and media.


He is a former All-India Judo Champion teaching Martial arts and Judo when he was 19 years old teaching the art of deep meditation through Judo and many commandos in ITBP, CRPF, CISF have learnt this art from him. He also hosted an International Judo championship called Peace International Judo championship where many National and International luminaries in the field of sports, Politics, Ambassadors attended from various countries and the Programme was highlighted on the Doordarshan the only TV Channel in 1989.


Master Sumant Kaul has collaborated with political and business leaders in diverse communities and is the President of Bhartiya Maitri Dal and was also the All India General Secretary of All India Congress Seva Dal.